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What are you grateful for?

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Guest contribution from The Wellness Extension

The popular phrase “have an attitude of gratitude” exists not just to increase emotive feelings of happiness but also because gratitude helps change perspective.

What WE (Wellness Extension) have found is that by showing the smallest act of gratitude, you can create a domino effect and ultimately influence those around you to do the same. Demonstrating gratitude to others and increasing your own awareness of personal gratitude is easy, often free, and you can do it from anywhere.

💭 Right now, before you read the next paragraph, think of one person in your life for whom you are grateful…and keep that person in mind as you continue reading.

By setting an intentional gratitude mindset – even for the smallest of things – there is a mental shift that starts to happen over time. Your communication with others will improve, your stress and anxiety levels decrease, and your relationship with your team strengthens.

🤔 So, how can you incorporate more gratitude into your lives? Check out the 2-week Gratitude Sprint linked in this newsletter. But, to start, today, send a quick email or text to that person you thought of a few moments ago. Guaranteed, you will make that person’s day and in return, you will likely get a message that fills your bucket too.

The Wellness Extension helps organizations leverage well-being programs that work to build community and connection. Our programs are designed to engage employees in well-being at work, resulting in more productivity, engagement and overall happiness of your most important asset – your people. Enhancing your offerings beyond the medical, dental, vision, and disability package is critical to further retain employees – and WE help you get there, all while lifting the effort off of the HR teams’ shoulders. What can WE do to help your team?

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