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Open enrollment is almost here!

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Open enrollment starts November 1, 2023, and closes January 31, 2024.

A reminder about what open enrollment is:

This is the time of year in California when individuals can review and modify their health insurance plans. For those with employer-sponsored health insurance, open enrollment is an important time for employers to present options, changes, and benefits to their employees, so employees can make choices regarding their coverage.

How you can best prepare for open enrollment:

  • Research: Consider the needs of your workforce and explore available group health plans that best suit your company and your employees

  • Communicate: Hold informational sessions or workshops where employees can ask questions about coverage options. Include information about how employee life changes can impact their healthcare needs (ex: marriage, birth of a child, change in income)

  • Educate: Offer resources that explain how health insurance works, including key terms, deductibles, copayments, and how to find in-network providers.

What’s next? Help your employees get the most out of their coverage throughout the year:

  • Remind employees about lesser-used insurance options, including Employee Assistance Programs and Flexible Spending Accounts or Health Savings Accounts, that can provide additional support for mental health, stress management, and financial wellness

  • Implement wellness programs that promote healthy lifestyles and preventive care (ex: gym memberships, incentives for completing health assessments, mental fitness challenges)

  • Designate a point of contact (like an HR representative!) to address employee questions and concerns about their coverage

And remember, we’re here to help if you need assistance connecting with an insurance broker, preparing for open enrollment, or providing continued support to your employees!

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