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3 Fun Ways to Keep Your Team Engaged Through the End of the Year

Depending on your industry, the final weeks of the year might be a time when your employees (and you) are distracted by end-of-year celebrations. Here are a few activities that will keep your team going through the final weeks of 2023:

1. Challenge your team to a creative competition

Introduce friendly, low-pressure challenges or competitions that align with work goals. This adds an element of fun and motivation and can help reduce stress.

2. Set up an office bulletin board

Encourage employees to express their creativity by setting up an interactive board in a communal office space. Get the conversation started with some of these fun bulletin board ideas:

  • Prompt of the week: Put up a post-it note with a question and ask teammates to pin their responses on the board (e.g. "what are you looking forward to this weekend", "what was your first job")

  • This or that: Divide the bulletin board in two sections with a line of tape, post a question at the top and have employees write their name on the side they prefer (e.g. "Apple vs. Microsoft", "morning person or afternoon person")

  • Caption contest: Print out a photo and ask employees to submit captions

  • Photo board: Share pics of your pets and family members!

If a bulletin board isn't feasible in your office setting, grab a pack of teambuilding cards and leave them in the break room or on a conference table. When your employees are taking a break in between projects they can select a prompt and start a conversation with their coworkers. Check out one of these card decks:

3. Show Appreciation

Arrange for surprise treats or gestures, such as providing lunch, snacks, or small gifts. This creates a positive and unexpected experience. However, be aware that gifts are likely taxable, including cash and gift certificates, which must be reported on the employee's W-2 for that year. Consider providing snacks, coffee, flowers, fruit, or books that are worth under $100 to avoid the additional taxes.

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