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Whether you’re hiring your first employee or your 1000th, Envision Initiative’s services can fit your needs

Looking for comprehensive HR services?
Support & scale your team with the Envision Initiative Roadmap

First, we conduct an audit assessing 15 core HR categories in three phases:


Company Overview & Recruitment


Records & Compliance


Benefits & Engagement

Audit Project Checklist visual on computer screen

Next, we craft an implementation plan to build a workplace that:

Complies with HR regulations

Promotes sustainability in your workforce

Supports your business goals

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Need more support? Select from our a-la-carte services:

For more information on any of the following services, schedule a consultation so we can chat about your specific business needs:


  • HRIS management

  • Multi-state compliance

  • Recruitment

  • Employee investigations

  • Wellness programs

  • Trainings & mentorship

  • Business startup services

  • Organizational change management

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